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This was great! Every jumpscare got me and all the people in the stream loved it.

Gave it a go...

Очень неплохо! Буду ждать релиза!

A great demo with a great atmosphere. Can't wait for the full release.

I loved the game it was really really awesome, I will love to see the full release of it. great jump scares and everything, it reminded me of silent hill a bit but it made me love this game even more

It was an intense experience playing this game.Every jumpscare got me good and overall a really wellmade game!

Cant wait for the full release!

(spanish lets play) i had a lot of fun playing the game. the atmosphere was quick to immerse you into this dream like world. the jump scares were so unexpected it was a  hard to predict when one was going to occur.  i hope we get a full release. keep up the amazing work :D 

Loved it, very immersive, great atmosphere. Looking forward to seeing more from this title.

Love it, great demo! Really curious about the story and the atmosphere was really good.

Ran into a couple bugs but, eh, it's a demo :)

Diria que de los mejores que he jugado. congratulations 

Honestly one of the scariest games I've ever played. 

This is definitely looking interesting! It is not oftn Witchcraft is covered in these games, and it asks a lot of interesting questions right off the bat.

I do see a bit of an overuse of the "force the player to go back and find a key to direct them to th scares" type gameplay, but all the same, the various events are interesting enough to keep one going. Not to mention that the game is gorgeous. Good work!

This game was really good! I played it in a 3 random horror games video! Here’s the link for those interested: 


Incredibly perfect. Ideal for this halloween

Very pleased with this game and I hope it makes it! It'll come out around my birthday :)

hi guys) chek my video pls)

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I was supposed to make a Vlog type thing whilst on Holiday but it went horribly wrong!! Gamers stick to games! so i played your game for my video :D awwesome game will deffo be doing a second part!! Game starts at 3:05

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Very well done! Not quite done with it yet but the atmosphere was terrifying and the soundtrack fits with it so perfectly

I continue on with a part 2 of your game. Really fun reminds me kind of like another game I played near last year called Escape from Hanwell. Enjoying the story of this game so far. Lots of great shock horror moments.

Pretty sure I broke the game but before that I had a few good scares!

I really liked this game the creepy atmosphere sound effects and good graphics really put you in a creepy atmosphere and the jump scares are really well timed and placed can't wait to play the full release. If you would like to see my playtrough here it is: 

enjoy 😈👍

This was well made and satisfying, one of the BEST itches so far! A couple bugs here and there, like the camera losing it when I had the bag. Solving the puzzles and finding the keys was satisfying. Can't wait to use the gun.

amazing job , love the atmosphere , textures are on point , you expand on this and you will have 1 of the best horror games of the year

Quite scary

This was one of the best indie horror games I've played all year! The pacing of the story is so well done, and the level design is fantastic as well. Here's my playthrough:

so good

Such a well made, indie horror game. Needs a few improvements here and there, but really good overall! And actually scary!

Check out the link below if you wanna see gameplay footage before downloading:

SURVIVING THE WITCHES & DEMONS | Sinistria | Free Download Link In The Description

It's a pretty promising start, I'll be donating to the kickstarter and checking out what comes next! 

Great job with this one.  Atmosphere goes a long way and you got it with this one.  The game ran awesome and looked awesome.

This game is amazingly fun and scary at the same time!?! Really enjoyed playing it a lot and I can't wait for the full release of the game...

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This is impressive. I would say that it does need some work, maybe change some things around but, it is turning out to be a really cool game. Keep it up guys, I'm looking forward to seeing what else is in store. Good luck and stay safe :)

Oh and also, I LOVE the piano song you guys have at the end of the demo, very nice!

wow so scrarey, wwant this fo sho

This is a very good horror game and I believe it's still in development. The girl on the painting freaks me out!

Love what you got going here, hope for the for more!

I have  been looking for a good horror for this month and finally I have found one worth playing! Looking forward to the full release of the game! Great job!

Wasnt expecting this many jumpscares! 😂 Really great game, looking forward to the full thing!

You've got some good stuff in here Keep it up! Ran into a couple bugs the game breaking one at the 12:00 min mark. I talk more about my feelings at the end of the video so I hope you enjoy :)

You definitely have some solid ideas here, but you're going to need a high level of polish to make them work. The hand from the painting was great, but it really needs to be a full model coming from a hole in the wall instead of the static painting behind the arm. Definitely interested in seeing the finished product, though!

Love the atmosphere and design of this demo, very unsettling even when their is no active threat. Can't wait to see the full game and how the story develops.

Cool stuff!

I've tried to be analytical and provide some feedback as I go, I know I always appreciate watching some gameplay so hopefully you'll find this helpful!


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